Stalmach Quan Adaptive SkiBob

A skibob for people with disabilities who dare to start a new sport life. The Quan skibob hasvarious settings that can be adapted to all kinds of disabilities.

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A worldwide unique system offers a lot possibilities to disabled people:

  • The worldwide unique T-bar lift system allows the rider to use the T-bar lift without any difficulty.
  • The new system for the T-bar lift allows a lift transport without getting off of the skibob. So the rider still keeps sitting on the skibike during the lift transportation.
  • There’s also a new system which we call “instructor handlebar”. It’s a handlebar on the back of the skibob.
  • The ergonomic seat is adjustable in high and forward or backward.
  • The knee system allows the perfect adjustment on both knees and ankles.
  • The most important fact is the possibility to choose between 2 foot systems. Especially for people with disability we can offer you 2 different foot system called “parallelogram” and “top ankle”.

The foot system “parallelogram” allows the rider a permanent, parallel foot position to the Skibob. The foot skis stay flexible at this time and can be moved up or down, depending on the snow conditions.

The foot system “top ankle” allows the rider a parallel foot ski position to the skibike. Instead of the “parallelogram”, the student has more lateral freedom of movement in the heel area with the “top ankle”.

Has been developed specially for people with disability:

  • Incomplete Paraplegia
  • Complete Paraplegia
  • Parkinson
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Mental Disability
  • cerebral paresis
  • Incoordination
  • Muscular Atrophy
  • blindness
  • Leg Amputation
  • Problems with the musculoskeletal system
  • Musculoskeletal pain

• 14,9 kilograms (without adapters for the foots)
Length & Size• 1 x 102 cm x 1 und 102 cm = 2,04 m
• for body size 160 - 190 cm (adjustable)
• for body weight up to about 110 kilograms
• stainless steel parts
• aluminum frame
• green - powder based electrostatic paint - clear coat protection
 Settings• seat height ist adjustable to the riders height
• handlebars adjustable in height and inclination
• shock absorbers adjustable to the weight of the rider
• frame can be disassembled
• ski-snap-catch-plates
• ski-vibration-absorber
 Absorption• high-quality "Oil Full Suspension System"
• HUB 6 cm
• 1 pair STALMACH Carbon Ski , wood core, ABS, BIAX
• radius 13 m
• sintered race base
• length of ski: 1 x 102 cm - 1 x 102 cm
• 1 pair ski-snap-catch-plates

• high quality aluminum frame
• frame weight 1,8 kilograms

• height-adjustable frame system
• frame height is adjustable to the riders height
• max. seat height 62 cm
• min. seat height 53,5 cm
• from a body sits of 1,60 m

• new seat adjustment system
• without tools, adjustable forward and backward
• optimization of gravity, perfect adaptation to the
slopes and snow conditions

• Stalmach XR7 Ski
• carving Skibike Ski
• wood core, ABS, Carbon
• sintered race base
• radius 13m
Length of the ski:

• 1 x 102 cm x 1 and 102 cm = 2,04 m
• professional aluminum handlebar
• ergonomic gel handles
• high quality aluminum stem
• adjustable in height and inclination
• device for the knees
• setting distance / adjust the position of the knees to the skibike

• device for the bar lift
• the bar of the lift will be fixed in the bracket
• by leaving the lift, the rider pushes the brake
and the bar of the lift will set free the bar.
• device for the chair lift
• the chair of the lift runs between the seat and de skibike
• the ride can sit on the skibike during transport by the lift
Shock absorber front and rear:
Z3-S oil shock absorber
• preload in 3 steps and manually adjustable
• SAG - max. stroke of shock absorber: 6 cm

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