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  • Screw For Snap Catch Plates - 1 piece

    This special high-quality screw secures the entire snow bike with the ski snap catch plates.

    • $9.00
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  • Skibike Gel Handlebar Grips

    Ergonomically formed – best grip.
    The high quality hand grips have clamps which prevent the turning of the hand grips on the handlebar. Stalmach hand grips stay elastic even at low temperatures.

    • $29.00
  • Ski Snap Catch Plates

    1 pair. stainless steel
    The snap catch plates are like a ski binding for alpine skis, but we use them for our skibobs. With this snap catch plates you can change your skibob ski’s in just a few seconds.

    • $129.00
    Only 1 left in stock