Stalmach Sx5 World Cup

The most iconic bike on the market today!!!

Own this incredible machine for $2599, Retails for $3000+

  • $2599.00
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The skibob World Cup SX5 has perfect riding characteristics. With many setting systems, the skibob can be adjusted perfectly to the riding needs and snow conditions. Try the skibob World Cup SX5 and you’ll not want another skibob! Product description can be found below.


  • 13,9 kilogram


  • for body size 150 – 190 cm (adjustable)
  • frame and construction for a body weight until app. 110 kilograms


  • stainless steel parts
  • aluminium frame


  • white – powder coated


  • seat hight adjustable – seat adjustable forward and backward
  • handlebar adjustable in hight and inclination
  • shock absorber adjustable to the riders weight
  • frame foldable
  • ski-snap-catch-plates
  • ski-vibration-absorber


  • high quality “Gas Full Suspension System”
  • both shock absorber have a gas suppression container
  • SAG – max. stroke of shock absorber: 8 cm rebound and resistance adjustable (front and back)


  • 1 pair STALMACH XR7 Carbon-wood core skibike ski, ABS, BIAX
  • radius 13 m
  • sintered race base
  • ski length: 102 cm
  • 1 pair ski-snap-catch-plates

Rahmen SX3 V

  • high quality aluminium frame
  • frame weight 2,0 kg

Sitz Skibob

  • high adjustable frame system
  • frame height is adjustable to the riders height
  • max. seat height from the ground 62 cm
  • min. seat height from the ground 53,5 cm
  • for a body size from 1,50m

Einstellungssystem Sitz

  • new adjustment seat system
  • without tools adjustable forward and backward
  • optimization of gravity, perfect adaptation to the technical, slopes and snow conditions

  • Stalmach Carving Skibob Ski XR7
  • wood core, ABS
  • sintered race base
  • radius 13m

Fussraster aus Edelstahl

  • high quality footrests of stainlsess steel
  • removable

  • front and rear: inclination on both sides adjustable

Aluminium Lenker

  • professional aluminium handlebar
  • ergonomically gel handle bar grips

Aluminium Vorbau

  • high quality aluminium stem
  • adjustable in height and inclination


shock absorber front:

  • RCP gas shock abosorber with an additional gas container
  • preload continuously and manually adjustable
  • rebound and resistance adjustable
  • SAG – max. stroke of shock absorber: 8cm

Stossdaempfer sx5 hinten

shock absorber rear:

  • MT-A Gas shock absorber
  • preload continuously and manually adjustable
  • rebound and resistance adjustable
  • SAG – max. stroke of shock absorber: 8cm

skibob length:

  • 1 x 102 cm x 1 und 102 cm = 2,04 m

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