Why Snow Bike?

Snow Biking, Winters Fastest Growing Sport! For EVERYONE!
Age 9 to 99

Bad knees?
Sore back?
Bored with sitting in the room?

Get back on the mountain and ride all day every day without fatigue!

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Snowbiking in Steamboat 

Snowbikes have extended my time on the mountain by 10 to 20 years. I have been skiing the slopes of CO for 30 years and I dearly love my time on the mountain with my family and friends. Unfortunately, that time has become less and less over the last few years due to a severely degenerated knee joint. 

The introduction of the Snowbike to the Colorado Ski Resorts has made it possible for me to not only rejoin my family on the mountain but spend as much time on the slopes as desired. I can ski any terrain the kids can ski, groomers, bumps, trees, and without sore knees, sore back, or fatigue. The kids were so amazed by my Snowbike they gave it a test ride and now we are a Snowbiking family. 

 Last season, (2009/2010) we did not have the best snow fall amounts in Steamboat, but the conditions were perfect every day for my Snowbike. I absolutely fell in love with the thrill of zipping down the groomed slopes (even though it was mostly packed powder), but my first trip through the trees made up my mind. I knew I had discovered a relatively new sport for the snow. 

The Snowbike was invented in 1949 by the Brenter family in Austria but was not introduced in the US until about 10 years ago. Only a few resorts had opened limited access to the Snowbike on their mountains until last season. Steamboat launched its Snowbike program December of 2009 allowing total access to all lifts and terrain (except for terrain parks) and the popularity of this new sport has boomed! Everyone who has experienced the fun of riding a Snowbike now has another reason to choose Steamboat over neighboring Colorado Resorts. Steamboat has experienced immediate success with this marketing strategy, and we expect this success to increase exponentially with the public’s awareness of the Snowbike phenomena and the full mountain access at Steamboat. I was one of those participants last season and after renting a Snowbike from the resort for the second day, I ordered my own bike. After riding my bike for a week, I wanted to share my discovery of this newfound winter sport with others. I decided to become the Snowbike Representative for Steamboat and I’m extremely happy to report we now have a large fleet of Snowbikes (in 5 sizes) available for rent to any Steamboat skier/boarder aged 9 to 99. 

New & used snowbikes purchase are available online at www.snowfunbikes.com. 

I can personally promise any renter or purchaser of a Snowbike, you will experience a brand-new appreciation for winter sports with your very first ride. I love seeing people who have struggled with skiing, or snowboarding take off on a Snowbike after reading only a few riding instructions. Hearing “Wow, I can do this” always reminds me of my first ride. Seeing the more aggressive riders zooming down the slopes as well as the more careful riders easily negotiating their way down the greens, all with huge smiles on their faces is very satisfying. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share my newfound love. Come see us at Powder Pursuits and give it a try. 

Kris Klockenteger
Snow Fun Bikes